Khmer Probiotics Kombucha is naturally cultured with organic black tea and organic cane sugar; using a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) to drive the fermentation process.

This centuries-old method results in a beverage bursting with vitamins, enzymes and probiotics. Kombucha is prized by cultures around the globe for it’s benefits in promoting good health and wellbeing.

Health benefits of probiotics:

Improved digestion, increased immune support, detoxification, healthy liver support, weight loss.

Our flavors:

We provide different flavors in order to satisfy all of you. As our products are local, flavors change according the seasons.

Find happiness in our 9 tastes:

-Passion Ginger Orange

-Mango Passion Turmeric

-Mango Passion

-Orange Lime Ginger

-Lime Apple Ginger

-Pineapple Lime Ginger

-Coconut Lime Ginger

-Orange Turmeric

-Orange Grapefruit Ginger

Where to find our Kombucha:

You can find our organic Kombucha in many markets, restaurants and hostels of Phnom Penh:

Super markets: