About us

Our Ethos

We believe in celebrating creative expression, embracing different experiences and seeking new connections – with ourselves, with others, with Cambodia, and with the world.

Made in Cambodia

All our products are proudly humanely-sourced and in Cambodia. Khmer Probiotics is a Cambodian-owned enterprise.

Good Taste is Our Thing

Because the more we explore, the more we appreciate what makes each of us unique. Every bottle of Khmer Probiotics is crafted from our proprietary cultures and the finest ingredients to deliver a smooth, invigorating taste from your first sip to the last. The journey of self-discovery is different for everyone and we’re here to support yours – from the inside out.

Refreshingly Delicious

Our unique flavors’ profiles are carefully crafted from high-quality, organic ingredients for a delightful twist on taste.

Sparkling Spirit

The bubbliness of our beverages is invigorating and uplifting.

Unique Textures

Each of our three product lines has a distinct texture that enhances the drinking experience.

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